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Saturday, September 14 2013

Who we are

The team behind the scenes
Gray Augustus


Race Organizer

Runner and dreamer. With that dream being to make the Idaho Falls area a go to destination for runners. Gray is an avid area runner and loves the local races. He has spent over 8 years in the running industry and has raced since he was just a small lad. Gray created the course off a familiar training route with the the help of Da Cuteness and Nate.

Da Cuteneses


Moral Support

Don't let the bunny robe fool you, she is as tough as they come and has slept through many miles on the course.

Running Yoshi


General Amusement

Be honest; if runningyoshi asked to be involved with your race, could you say no?


Running a half marathon is amazing. The feeling that you get from crossing the finish line is a joy like no other! Below are some resources for runners that can help you get ready whether it is your first race or you have been running your entire life. - Hal Higdon has been contributing to Runner's World since the second issue back in 1966. He has written 36 books, is a founding member of the Road Runners Club of America, and set many running records over the course of his career. His website has excellent training information for runners of all skill levels. - There is a sense of community in running, and The Running Forum is an amazing website where you can participate in issues that are important to runners. The forum moderators are friendly, and there is a ton of useful information. - With an app available for the iphone and android devices, makes it much easier to track information during training and workouts. The website also works well with facebook, so you can track a run, share with your friends, and encourage each other to keep improving.

"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."

Oprah Winfrey


Pictures tell a thousand words. See the route for yourself!
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    View From Gray's House

    View From Gray's House

    After leaving Woodland Hills Elementary you run through the great area neighborhoods and right past Gray's house. Told you this was one of his training runs.

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  • To The Hill

    To The Hill

    The view of the straight as you approach our first climb.

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  • Rollercoaster


    After reaching the top of the first climb you get to what we call the Roller Coster which has a very fun up and down.

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    The course utilizes a fantastic loop that allows you to gauge progress and see other runners. You also get to enjoy the music for longer!

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  • View From Top

    View From Top

    We have one of the best views of both the windmills and the city. You'll see it all. Makes the climb all worth the while.

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  • Sandy Downs

    Sandy Downs

    Finish at Sandy Downs. Our finish area will have plenty of grass, food, music, and fun! You won't want to leave.

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